RAWdio: 14 Training Day


The RAWdio boys need to be in excellent condition to deliver a top notch podcast. They call on the help of StrongFirst certified kettlebell trainer, Matt Powell, to swing them into shape! Listen along and learn as Powell teaches Brewski the basics of kettlebell. Matt Powell’s passion for the art of kettlebell training is contagious and inspiring.  Just ask Scotty2Hotty or read his blog, he has embraced being a Giryra of kettlebell and has shredded the pounds to prove it.  

Soundtrack Credits: Wu-Tang Clan- “Bring Da Ruckus”, Wu-Tang Clan- “Bells of War”


Contact Matt Powell: Facebook.com/pages/Matt-Powell-SFG-I/206931672830595

The Recon Creed: http://www.reconmarine.net/bin/creed/

Scotty2Hotty’s blog post:  We’re Not Working Out, We Are Training



History of the Kettlebell

Dumb bird, Fuck that bird” – Matt Powell

Powell Kettlebell


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