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Devin the Dude (Official Video) – I’m Just Gettin’ Blowed (Assigned to The Shipment by Rick Gerard)

I mean who doesn’t love Devin the Dude?? He’s been referred to as “raps best kept secret” and “your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper”. For those hip hop fans who aren’t familiar with this man, you really need to remedy that and enjoy a nice session of Devin, perhaps accompanied by a joint of that good green ……or six.

This song in particular called, “I’m Just Gettin’ Blowed”, drives home my previous statement about a nice herbal session. I often wonder if there is ever a time that a joint or blunt isn’t burning and being smoked in his personal aura? Honestly I think the answer is NO.  In the words of O.C. from a recent Apollo Brown track, “…when the joint gets down to the roach, I light anotha one.”, I think Devin lives by this code.

This video is pretty cool….just basically Devin flying around a little remote controlled drone helicopter camera on a beach and surrounding areas. You get some cool views and perspective….the song itself is a smoothed out jazzy kind of beat with some great saxophone work involved and some background piano. Another in a LONG line of tracks from this genius that can touch you so many ways.

For me personally, Devin the Dude signifies friendship and great memories. The four of us involved in this project and countless others of our close friends love this man and his music.  So many days and weeks and even into years, some sort of music by (or involving) Devin would almost be theme music to the craziness that we would be involved in.  It’s a guarantee that if you throw on a track by Devin in the vicinity of any of our good friends we will get hyped.

So my suggestion to everyone that happens to read this: GO LISTEN TO DEVIN THE DUDE RIGHT NOW!!!! Trust me you will not be sorry….and my apologies for this shipment taking longer that normal……I was just gettin’ blowed.


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