RAWdio: 10 Episodes to 1,000,000 Stories


Brewski and Scotty2Hotty have the absolute PLEASURE of chatting with Justin Finkelstein! He’s is the founder of 1,000,000 Stories - which is a movement of creators supporting other creators with words of appreciation and encouragement. 1M Stories can also include retelling inspirational life events that will inspire other people to get creative or get past a life obstacle, with which they are dealing.  Don’t worry, Justin doesn’t get away from us without getting the RAW treatment! The guys are also joined by a long time friend, John, a simple man.

Soundtrack Credits: Alister Johnson- “Ain’t It Hard”, Manu Delango- “Mono Desire w/ Justin Finkelstein’s 1,000th Recording Post”, S.RAW- “Intro 3000″, Four Tops- “Reach Out”, Calvin Harris- “Colours”, Stalley- “White Minks & Gator Sleeves”, Justin Finkelstein- “RAWdio Rocked My World (a reflection of his experience on RAWdio)”

Get involved with 1,000,000 Stories by expressing your feeling about an artist or life event by submitting here –> Facebook Group – 1,000,000 Stories   

Other Fun Links: Justin Finkelstein - 1,000,000 Stories – Raise The Vibration

S.RAW aka Sun Raw – SoundCloud Profile

T.O.K.E.N. -SoundCloud Profile

Producers United: Talk w/ Matt Dezz #1

Stalley330 – SoundCloud Profile

Support and Encouragement

Support and Encouragement inspire creativity.

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