RAWdio: 15 Hotdogs and Counting


This p-cast is all about the mighty hotdog. Kicking this one off is a special introduction by Alex the RAWdio intern. The RAWdio family gathers for a “Doggiestyle Sauce your Hotdog Contest” hosted by Kate Frog at the Frog Palace.  The hotdogs were provided and it was up to each contestant to pick out a style of bun and top the dog with their edible creativity.  It’s a heated competition in which no dog was left cold.  Many hotdogs were harmed in the making if this podcast.

We also have a chat with Nick Clark who recently quit his job to focus on, as he puts it, “An epic journey of self-discovery filled with fun, adventure, and important life decisions leading to my ultimate happiness.” One of the main aspects of this project is “Epic Nick Nacks” in which Nick creates all sorts of handmade creative nacks. The “Nick Clark Project” can be found at http://mrclizark.com.

Also, DJ TK steps up as the guest DJ during the early segments of this cast.





RAWdio: 14 Training Day


The RAWdio boys need to be in excellent condition to deliver a top notch podcast. They call on the help of StrongFirst certified kettlebell trainer, Matt Powell, to swing them into shape! Listen along and learn as Powell teaches Brewski the basics of kettlebell. Matt Powell’s passion for the art of kettlebell training is contagious and inspiring.  Just ask Scotty2Hotty or read his blog, he has embraced being a Giryra of kettlebell and has shredded the pounds to prove it.  

Soundtrack Credits: Wu-Tang Clan- “Bring Da Ruckus”, Wu-Tang Clan- “Bells of War”


Contact Matt Powell: Facebook.com/pages/Matt-Powell-SFG-I/206931672830595

The Recon Creed: http://www.reconmarine.net/bin/creed/

Scotty2Hotty’s blog post:  We’re Not Working Out, We Are Training



History of the Kettlebell

Dumb bird, Fuck that bird” – Matt Powell

Powell Kettlebell


RAWdio: 13 CP in The Sandbox


The RAWdio boys are super amped about this episode!  They connect via satellite video chat with their buddy CP who is currently serving in Afghanistan.  The conversation is a blast but the B Street Studio gets hectic when Brewski’s dog Luna gets a little rowdy.  You’ll hear Luna’s dog tags and her whimpering when she is put in another room.  Also, a beeping vehicle decides to make a guest appearance. That aside, the RAWdio crew would like to thank CP for his time and wish him a safe homecoming.  We love ya brother!

Soundtrack Credits: Joe Esposito- “You’re The Best Around”, John Michael Montgomery- “Letters From Home”

Links: Dutch RudderChili Dog (for clarification) 


RAWdio: 12 Course Meal


For this stop of the never ending RAWdio journey through life, Scotty2Hotty & Brewski are hunkered down in the RAWdio Clam Shanty.  With a kitchen stocked of food and the stove top burners hot, Dan the Chef couldn’t have dropped by at a better time. Dan the Chef is a culinary magician who isn’t afraid to share his secrets.  It’s hard to believe, but you may learn a thing or two from this episode.  Chow!

For the cooking portion of this episode fly over to SoundCloud.com/RAWdioPodcast/cooking-with-dan-the-chef

Soundtrack Credits: Huey Lewis & the News- “Power of Love”, Scott Joplin- “Original Rags”, Brewski Amplifier- “Short Shorts”, Ramsey Lewis Trio- “Close Your Eyes And Remember (Carl Oh’s Acid Jazz Mix)”, stratOsphere- “Supramental Perception – Shamanic Journey”, Gorillaz- “On Melancholy Hill”, Huey Lewis & the News- “Hip To Be Square”


Scotty2Hotty’s blog about the restaurant Bravo!

Break down of the Slow Food Movement 


Bacon Whiskey Ice Cream ft. Dan the Chef


RAWdio: 11 Eleven – Make a Wish


Scotty2Hotty and Brewski have one wish and that is to reach the stratOsphere.  While on their way to and from the stratOsphere the guys have a run in with some road rage,  they discuss the holidays, and Scotty2Hotty tells about his meeting with RevSmilez. We also learn what bears and donuts have in common. 

Soundtrack Credits: 00:00:10 Avante Juventude- “Os Anjos”, 00:00:42 Mr. Carmack- “p.y.p. (Carmack edit)- Breezy Lovejoy”, 00:01:36 J.Cole ft. Nas- “Let Nas Down (remix)”, 00:03:12 Hermitude- “Let You Go”, 00:05:16 Scott Melker-The Melker Project- “Wu-Tang Maneater ft. Hall & Oates and Wu-Tang Clan”, Too $hort- “Hanukkah”, RevSmilez- “How I got started in ministry”, E-40 ft. Keek Da Sneak- “Muscle Cars”, StratOsphere- “Eyes Closed River Flows”, StratOshere- “Living Differently”, Gordon Lightfoot- “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”

RevSmilez on SoundCloud

StratOsphere on SoundCloud

RAWdio: 10 Episodes to 1,000,000 Stories


Brewski and Scotty2Hotty have the absolute PLEASURE of chatting with Justin Finkelstein! He’s is the founder of 1,000,000 Stories - which is a movement of creators supporting other creators with words of appreciation and encouragement. 1M Stories can also include retelling inspirational life events that will inspire other people to get creative or get past a life obstacle, with which they are dealing.  Don’t worry, Justin doesn’t get away from us without getting the RAW treatment! The guys are also joined by a long time friend, John, a simple man.

Soundtrack Credits: Alister Johnson- “Ain’t It Hard”, Manu Delango- “Mono Desire w/ Justin Finkelstein’s 1,000th Recording Post”, S.RAW- “Intro 3000″, Four Tops- “Reach Out”, Calvin Harris- “Colours”, Stalley- “White Minks & Gator Sleeves”, Justin Finkelstein- “RAWdio Rocked My World (a reflection of his experience on RAWdio)”

Get involved with 1,000,000 Stories by expressing your feeling about an artist or life event by submitting here –> Facebook Group – 1,000,000 Stories   

Other Fun Links: Justin Finkelstein - 1,000,000 Stories – Raise The Vibration

S.RAW aka Sun Raw – SoundCloud Profile

T.O.K.E.N. -SoundCloud Profile

Producers United: Talk w/ Matt Dezz #1

Stalley330 – SoundCloud Profile

Support and Encouragement

Support and Encouragement inspire creativity.

RAWdio: 9 Lives to Tell a Tale


Scotty2Hotty and Brewski have their hands full with a cock load of guests!  The line-up consists of Kate Frog the fashionista, Pepperoni Hot Pocket our bodyguard & Jerk Motel; the name says it all.  We also have a special guest caller who’s legs are stuck in the closet!  Put your headphones on and listen to some RAWness while you sculpt yourself into a hardbody, clean the house or travel across this world.  

Episode Soundtrack: Heatwave- “Boogie Nights”, Saiyan Jaylen- “Your Facebook Picture”, Savryne- “Ode to Pabst Blue Ribbon”, Meek Mill- “Believe It ft. Rick Ross”, Yacht- “Psychic City (Classixx Remix)”

Heatwave – “Boogie Nights” 1977

Malibu of American Gladiator – the knock out rebuttal

Girl Dancing on Butter…(your guess is as good as ours)

Krokodil: Russia’s Deadliest Drug - now in America

Artist Draws 9 Portraits on LSD

Psychic City (Classixx Remix)- Yacht

Kate Frog

RAWdio: 8 the Entire Buffet


And Go…  season 2 gets kicked off with a light jog.  Scotty2Hotty and Brewski are jogging solo on this episode, but ponder what type of guests they would like to invite. Come along for the new season!!!!  This episode was recorded in flight on a plane to the Michelberger Hotel.  Big ups to the Michelberger Hotel and D-Felic for their 6 hr. bad ass music mix on SoundCloud which gets played in their hotel lobby!  The RAWdio crew have fun with this lobby session mix of ear candy!

D-Felic – Lobby Session 20.09.13



RAWdio: 7th Heaven, or this may be Hell for some Listeners


Before season 2 gets kicked off, the guys happened to find a hidden Easter egg.  It was tucked inside a handy2go and under a bush in the backyard of the B-Street Studio.  This special  Easter egg held the long lost season 1 finale.  So here it is, in it’s entirety.  It’s a nice long episode for you to take.  Take it in sections or take it all at once, either way take it balls deep and enjoy every second of it.  Special in-studio guest C. Charles Bley joins us and we have the pleasure of Rick Gerard as well.  Things get wacky! Episode Soundtrack: Rick, Bley & Brewski- “Ready to Make a Troon (freestyle version)”, Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 – “Constant Rain (Chove Chuva)”, Brewski- “Brontosaurus Wail”, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble- “Satin Sheets”


Fishing Fuck Ups, FoodBeast.com

Vice.com – Fashion Week on Acid

Skittles CommercialScope Bacon CommercialKung Fu Grandpa

Bacon Condoms, J & D Foods

RAWdio: 6tuplet


The RAWdio boys have been busy getting RAW in the game of life.  This is a “dug up” recording from earlier this year.  The guys gather for the big game and once again Scotty2Hotty tries to fight his addiction to food porn.  Come on down to  the “B” Street studio and join the fun!  Episode soundtrack: Small Brown Bike- “Unsung Zero”, M.SORD- “oh hell na”, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble- “Sankofa”, Keleton DMD- “Chuck Dezelha”

M.SORD- “oh hell na” (Video)




RAWdio: 5.2-Elegant After Party


After some delicious Mexican food the guys welcome you to the Elegant After Party that follows a RAWdio recording.  The guys are joined by two lovely ladies for this prestigious gathering; Stephanie a.k.a. TBone (Hey TBone quit spiking it!) and Miranda a.k.a. LT a.k.a. The Auditor.  Rick Gerard decided to schticky around as well.  Once again Scotty2Hotty busts out the Fireball and that whiskey gets ahold of Brewski.  Cheers to Tight&Funky, The Winnebago Man and RAWdio!

Email the guys a perplexing Question: rawdiopodcast@gmail.com

My mind is just SHIT right now!” – The Winnebago Man

RAWdio: 5.2


We finally got him in the studio, Rick Gerard in the flesh!  Does everyone remember what makes Rick angry?  The guys learn a thing or two about repurposing cleverly in jail.  Scotty2Hotty introduces “Scotty’s Perfect Cocktail”and Brewski gets crazy in a song that is an ode to St. Patty’s Day.  Yo, by the way, it was fucking Brett Keisel.  Through out this episode you get the pleasure of jamming out with C. Charles Bley on the synth/vocals, Brewski Amplifier on the drums and Ricky G on the vocals.  And yes, a Feeldoe is a real thing!




RAWdio: 4th of RAWdio


You ready for this gangsta episode?  Right off the bat, we now know why Howard the Duck was such a pimp.  Listen closely to Scotty2Hotty’s multiple requests for all you RAWdio Riders in podcastland. Revisit the holiday season with the guys.  Look out for the first edition of “Sexual Conquest”.  Again, where the hell is Rick!?!  And yes, “The Diesel” waiting at the end to take you to the next p-cast has wooden doors.  G’d up ft. songs brought to you by Dayton Family- “F.B.I.”, Too Short- “Hanukkah Song”, Do or Die- “Headz” and Brewski Amplifier ft Rick- “Short Shorts”




RAWdio: 3 Chowmigos


Join us on the set of Chewie’s Chow with special guest Chewie.  He cooks up a tri-tip in the crock-pot and prepares some sides as our conversation develops, if you want to call it that.  We take a talk down memory lane where Big Al gets extremely excited about Rax.  Jump in with us for a round of paintball and a wholesome game of “What Would You Do?”.  We also get introduced to Confession Time.  Big ups to the Vengaboys and intro/outro music by Ramsey Lewis Trio – Close Your Eyes and Remember (Carl Oh’s acid jazz mix).  Email us a Question: rawdiopodcast@gmail.com

RAWdio: 2nd Base & Pitch


Don’t get stuck in Scotty2Hotty’s chest hair.  Once you get past that first obstacle the road only gets bumpier. Join us on a ghetto tour of America. We make some phone calls to the elusive Rick Gerard and Leon Lonnie Long Balls.  Brewski decides to join Lonnie on a trip to Poland and The Moon. Email us a Question: rawdiopodcast@gmail.com

RAWdio: 1st Rack of Ribs


The journey begins!  We started planning and planning turned into recording.  Join us on this road to nowhere.  Scotty2Hotty is stumped by the very first perplexing question.  Brewski wonders about a handy-to-go and we familiarize ourselves with the elements of RAWdio.  Make it to the end and the diesel truck will be waiting to take you to the next episode.  

Email us a Question: rawdiopodcast@gmail.com