RAWdio: 12 Course Meal


For this stop of the never ending RAWdio journey through life, Scotty2Hotty & Brewski are hunkered down in the RAWdio Clam Shanty.  With a kitchen stocked of food and the stove top burners hot, Dan the Chef couldn’t have dropped by at a better time. Dan the Chef is a culinary magician who isn’t afraid to share his secrets.  It’s hard to believe, but you may learn a thing or two from this episode.  Chow!

For the cooking portion of this episode fly over to SoundCloud.com/RAWdioPodcast/cooking-with-dan-the-chef

Soundtrack Credits: Huey Lewis & the News- “Power of Love”, Scott Joplin- “Original Rags”, Brewski Amplifier- “Short Shorts”, Ramsey Lewis Trio- “Close Your Eyes And Remember (Carl Oh’s Acid Jazz Mix)”, stratOsphere- “Supramental Perception – Shamanic Journey”, Gorillaz- “On Melancholy Hill”, Huey Lewis & the News- “Hip To Be Square”


Scotty2Hotty’s blog about the restaurant Bravo!

Break down of the Slow Food Movement 


Bacon Whiskey Ice Cream ft. Dan the Chef


RAWdio: 3 Chowmigos


Join us on the set of Chewie’s Chow with special guest Chewie.  He cooks up a tri-tip in the crock-pot and prepares some sides as our conversation develops, if you want to call it that.  We take a talk down memory lane where Big Al gets extremely excited about Rax.  Jump in with us for a round of paintball and a wholesome game of “What Would You Do?”.  We also get introduced to Confession Time.  Big ups to the Vengaboys and intro/outro music by Ramsey Lewis Trio – Close Your Eyes and Remember (Carl Oh’s acid jazz mix).  Email us a Question: rawdiopodcast@gmail.com

RAWdio: 1st Rack of Ribs


The journey begins!  We started planning and planning turned into recording.  Join us on this road to nowhere.  Scotty2Hotty is stumped by the very first perplexing question.  Brewski wonders about a handy-to-go and we familiarize ourselves with the elements of RAWdio.  Make it to the end and the diesel truck will be waiting to take you to the next episode.  

Email us a Question: rawdiopodcast@gmail.com