RAWdio: 5.2


We finally got him in the studio, Rick Gerard in the flesh!  Does everyone remember what makes Rick angry?  The guys learn a thing or two about repurposing cleverly in jail.  Scotty2Hotty introduces “Scotty’s Perfect Cocktail”and Brewski gets crazy in a song that is an ode to St. Patty’s Day.  Yo, by the way, it was fucking Brett Keisel.  Through out this episode you get the pleasure of jamming out with C. Charles Bley on the synth/vocals, Brewski Amplifier on the drums and Ricky G on the vocals.  And yes, a Feeldoe is a real thing!




2 thoughts on “RAWdio: 5.2

  1. You guys should start a production company that specializes in fat chicks fucking feeldoes and shooting guns. That’s guaranteed to entertain!!!! Love this fucking podcast..keep bangin’ on!!


  2. Just to be clear, the pumpkin smashing night in question was in fact entirely thanks to the chocolate mushrooms. We frightened the K College kids when all of us were cracking up to the point of tears running down our faces in the basement. Me and Brewski left the party yelling about how we were going to smash some pumpkins on their campus. The kids on the porch were like “No you’re not!” and we yelled “Fuck you!” and ran off. At one point during the pumpkin raid I threw a security guard off my trail by pretending to be a student on my cell phone saying “hey, where are you? I’m in front of the library!” (turns out I was actually in front of the building where the cafeteria is, how should I know, I didn’t go to that school).

    When I came down I realized I had lost everyone and was sitting inside a giant sculpture on the corner of Academy and Thompson streets.

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