RAWdio: 7th Heaven, or this may be Hell for some Listeners


Before season 2 gets kicked off, the guys happened to find a hidden Easter egg.  It was tucked inside a handy2go and under a bush in the backyard of the B-Street Studio.  This special  Easter egg held the long lost season 1 finale.  So here it is, in it’s entirety.  It’s a nice long episode for you to take.  Take it in sections or take it all at once, either way take it balls deep and enjoy every second of it.  Special in-studio guest C. Charles Bley joins us and we have the pleasure of Rick Gerard as well.  Things get wacky! Episode Soundtrack: Rick, Bley & Brewski- “Ready to Make a Troon (freestyle version)”, Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 – “Constant Rain (Chove Chuva)”, Brewski- “Brontosaurus Wail”, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble- “Satin Sheets”


Fishing Fuck Ups, FoodBeast.com

Vice.com – Fashion Week on Acid

Skittles CommercialScope Bacon CommercialKung Fu Grandpa

Bacon Condoms, J & D Foods

RAWdio: 4th of RAWdio


You ready for this gangsta episode?  Right off the bat, we now know why Howard the Duck was such a pimp.  Listen closely to Scotty2Hotty’s multiple requests for all you RAWdio Riders in podcastland. Revisit the holiday season with the guys.  Look out for the first edition of “Sexual Conquest”.  Again, where the hell is Rick!?!  And yes, “The Diesel” waiting at the end to take you to the next p-cast has wooden doors.  G’d up ft. songs brought to you by Dayton Family- “F.B.I.”, Too Short- “Hanukkah Song”, Do or Die- “Headz” and Brewski Amplifier ft Rick- “Short Shorts”