RAWdio: 12 Course Meal


For this stop of the never ending RAWdio journey through life, Scotty2Hotty & Brewski are hunkered down in the RAWdio Clam Shanty.  With a kitchen stocked of food and the stove top burners hot, Dan the Chef couldn’t have dropped by at a better time. Dan the Chef is a culinary magician who isn’t afraid to share his secrets.  It’s hard to believe, but you may learn a thing or two from this episode.  Chow!

For the cooking portion of this episode fly over to SoundCloud.com/RAWdioPodcast/cooking-with-dan-the-chef

Soundtrack Credits: Huey Lewis & the News- “Power of Love”, Scott Joplin- “Original Rags”, Brewski Amplifier- “Short Shorts”, Ramsey Lewis Trio- “Close Your Eyes And Remember (Carl Oh’s Acid Jazz Mix)”, stratOsphere- “Supramental Perception – Shamanic Journey”, Gorillaz- “On Melancholy Hill”, Huey Lewis & the News- “Hip To Be Square”


Scotty2Hotty’s blog about the restaurant Bravo!

Break down of the Slow Food Movement 


Bacon Whiskey Ice Cream ft. Dan the Chef


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