RAWdio: 15 Hotdogs and Counting


This p-cast is all about the mighty hotdog. Kicking this one off is a special introduction by Alex the RAWdio intern. The RAWdio family gathers for a “Doggiestyle Sauce your Hotdog Contest” hosted by Kate Frog at the Frog Palace.  The hotdogs were provided and it was up to each contestant to pick out a style of bun and top the dog with their edible creativity.  It’s a heated competition in which no dog was left cold.  Many hotdogs were harmed in the making if this podcast.

We also have a chat with Nick Clark who recently quit his job to focus on, as he puts it, “An epic journey of self-discovery filled with fun, adventure, and important life decisions leading to my ultimate happiness.” One of the main aspects of this project is “Epic Nick Nacks” in which Nick creates all sorts of handmade creative nacks. The “Nick Clark Project” can be found at http://mrclizark.com.

Also, DJ TK steps up as the guest DJ during the early segments of this cast.





RAWdio: 9 Lives to Tell a Tale


Scotty2Hotty and Brewski have their hands full with a cock load of guests!  The line-up consists of Kate Frog the fashionista, Pepperoni Hot Pocket our bodyguard & Jerk Motel; the name says it all.  We also have a special guest caller who’s legs are stuck in the closet!  Put your headphones on and listen to some RAWness while you sculpt yourself into a hardbody, clean the house or travel across this world.  

Episode Soundtrack: Heatwave- “Boogie Nights”, Saiyan Jaylen- “Your Facebook Picture”, Savryne- “Ode to Pabst Blue Ribbon”, Meek Mill- “Believe It ft. Rick Ross”, Yacht- “Psychic City (Classixx Remix)”

Heatwave – “Boogie Nights” 1977

Malibu of American Gladiator – the knock out rebuttal

Girl Dancing on Butter…(your guess is as good as ours)

Krokodil: Russia’s Deadliest Drug - now in America

Artist Draws 9 Portraits on LSD

Psychic City (Classixx Remix)- Yacht

Kate Frog

RAWdio: 8 the Entire Buffet


And Go…  season 2 gets kicked off with a light jog.  Scotty2Hotty and Brewski are jogging solo on this episode, but ponder what type of guests they would like to invite. Come along for the new season!!!!  This episode was recorded in flight on a plane to the Michelberger Hotel.  Big ups to the Michelberger Hotel and D-Felic for their 6 hr. bad ass music mix on SoundCloud which gets played in their hotel lobby!  The RAWdio crew have fun with this lobby session mix of ear candy!

D-Felic – Lobby Session 20.09.13