RAWdio: 3 Chowmigos


Join us on the set of Chewie’s Chow with special guest Chewie.  He cooks up a tri-tip in the crock-pot and prepares some sides as our conversation develops, if you want to call it that.  We take a talk down memory lane where Big Al gets extremely excited about Rax.  Jump in with us for a round of paintball and a wholesome game of “What Would You Do?”.  We also get introduced to Confession Time.  Big ups to the Vengaboys and intro/outro music by Ramsey Lewis Trio – Close Your Eyes and Remember (Carl Oh’s acid jazz mix).  Email us a Question: rawdiopodcast@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “RAWdio: 3 Chowmigos

  1. Absolutely hilarious…you guys are headed in the right direction. I can’t wait to hear what’s next!! Maybe you should start a listener competition of some sort……hmmm….with a prize???

  2. Don’t talk shit Lewis…..these guys were probably ripped when they were recording, can’t blame them for that…..love these podcasts though….great to listen to while eating a massive buffet!

  3. Easy there Shouse….I love these guys and their podcasts….shit is hilarious and everyone needs a little RAWdio in their life, just giving them a little shit…..enjoy those buffets John….I bet the tri tip that chewie was making would blow that out of the water

    • Yes…Lewis that Tri – “Just the Tip” was splendid. As far as blowing things out of the water, or in the water, we can leave that to the ladies in our lives

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